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Rescue box

Thursday, June 26, 2014  Station 1 was alerted to respond for an mvc with rollover. Rescue 1 and Paramedic 10 responded with 6 personnel. Rescue 1 arrived on scene with one car on the roadway and one car in the parking lot of CVS. Asst. Chief Schlotterbeck established command.  There was no entrapment and the scene was held by Rescue 1 and all other units returned In service. 




EMT/FF Donnie Eller

EMT/FF Donnie Eller

Monday, June 23, 2014  Congratulations to EMT/FF Donnie Eller who was recently promoted to Marine Operator with the Washington DC Fire Dept.  Donnie is with the DC Special Operations Battalion assigned to river rescue and is a Volunteer EMT/Firefighter with Kent Island VFD.




Saturday, May 31, 2014  The Officers and Members of Kent Island Volunteer Fire Department extend our heartfelt CONGRATULATIONS to our members who are Graduating this year from high school.  We are very proud of these young members who have exemplified themselves as dedicated Emergency Services Providers..

EMT/FF Sean Doyle

FF Mills Yslas

EMT/FF Dalton Brown

EMT/FF Victoria Willis



Two vehicle crash in front of Station 1

Friday, May 30, 2014 10:32

Approximately 1032hrs. KIVFD was alerted for a two vehicle crash at the intersection in the front of the fire station, he two-vehicles were involved in a T-Bone collision with one still inside car.  Rescue 1 arrived positioned to block traffic.  Rescue 1 quickly upgraded the assignment while beginning to stabilize the vehicle.  With Paramedic 10 already committed to another call, QAC Paramedic 300 took in-patient for assessment.  After assessment MSP Trooper 1 was alerted for a fly out to the trauma center.  One was transport by ground by KIVFD Ambulance 1.

Units responding were Engine 14, Rescue 1, Paramedic 300, Chief 10, Ambulance 2, EMS 3, Ambulance 1, MSP Trooper 1 and the Maryland State Police Responded with 27 volunteers.



Fire Alarm

Tuesday, May 27, 2014  At 2112 hrs.  Station 1 units were alerted to respond for an Automatic Fire Alarm in the 1-10 box on Roberta Drive. Unit responded in under a minute. EMS 1-2 was first arriving and reported nothing evident.  After further investigation it was determined to be an alarm malfunction and the assignment was placed in service.

Units responded C-10, Engine 12, and EMS 1-2 POV with 12 volunteers.



Busy Afternoon

Tuesday, May 27, 2014 

Monday May 26. Engine 14 and Ambulance 1 were dispatched to assist a citizen on Crab Alley Dr,

After clearing scene and returning to station. Within 5 minutes Queen Anne's County Dispatched another alarm for a smoke Investigation Box 1-13 on Church St.  Five (5) volunteers responded with Engine 12, arriving to find a small bonfire.

While returning back to the station. Queen Anne Dispatched KIVFD for a motor vehicle accident on Main St. at the Safeway. Crews arrived on the scene to discover a T-bone collision with the passenger of one vehicle still inside. The passenger had minor injury, and did not want transported to the hospital.  In addition to Engine 12 respondng from the street, Paramedic 10, Chief 1, and Rescue 1 responded with 22 volunteers.





Monday, May 19, 2014  Box 9-1 @ 0930hrs. for a dwelling fire in the area of Rt. 8 and LaGorce Rd.  The initial call for Station 9 was for investigation of smoke in the area.  Units responding requested to fill the box after finding heavy black smoke.  

Arriving on scene, units found a single family ranch style home involved in fire with heavy involvement of the garage area, and mobile vehicles parked close by such as a boat, pickup truck, and possibly a mobile home. 

due to the limited access to the residence, the firefighters had to hand stretch approx. 1000 ft. of 5" inch supply line from Rt. 8 back to the scene. Tankers then pumped water back to the scene from the site on Rt. 8.

There were no apparent injuries.  The origin and cause are under investigation by the Maryland State Fire Marshal's Office.  Queen Anne's County Sheriff's Dept. diverted traffic at the north and south Batt's Neck Rd. intersections.

Kent Island responded with E-12, Engine-Tanker 1, Tower 1 and Rescue 1 with 15 Personnel.



Tractor-trailer fire on Bay Bridge

Sunday, May 18, 2014 18:47

A tractor-trailer caught fire on the eastbound span of the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Sunday evening, causing major delays in both directions of US 50. Company 1 (KI VFD) and St. Cape Claire (AACo. Sta. 19) were dispatched to the east bound Bay Bridge for a tractor-trailer on fire. Upon Chief 1 calling enroute, confirmed a tractor-trailer on fire. Engine-Tanker 1 arrived on scene to find a tractor-trailer, which was hauling bagged mulch with the cab fully involved.  The first arriving unit, Engine-Tanker 1 advanced an 1-¾ bumper line while Engine 14 arrived and established a second attack line, another 1-3/4 pre-connect off Engine-Tanker 1. Engine 12 arrived and their crew assisted with fire control.  Utility 1 arrived in a short time with the Kent Island VFD Hazardous Materials Response Trailer.  In an attempt to keep fuel out of the bay, the Kent Island HazMat Team immediately put down absorbent booms and absorbent to control the run off from the fuel leak, then they pumped off the fuel from the trucks saddle tanks.  Rescue 1 and Ambulance 1 were staged on the Eastern Shore and eventually returned to service. Crews made progress and were on scene for a period of time while overhaul operations commenced.  Maryland Department of the Environment Emergency Response Division responded to the scene and supported the Kent Island Team in mitigating the fuel leak. 

This was another excellent response by the Volunteers of Kent Island VFD who were on scene until late in the evening and then spent several additional hours at the firehouse cleaning up all of the equipment used to fight the fire and mitigate the fuel leak.  We could not do this without the continued support of our community, Thank you...


Units on scene: Kent Island: Engine-Tanker 1, Engine 14, Engine 12, Chief 1, Utility 1, and HAZMAT Response Trailer. 1. Stand by on Kent Island: Ambulance 1 and Rescue 1 with 24 Volunteers.  St. Cape Claire: Engine 191. MDE ERD 5606 and 5607.



Box 1-2 crash

Saturday, May 17, 2014 1839

A two vehicle crash Saturday evening on Rt. 8 at Safe Harbor Church sent one driver to the hospital.  The accident occurred when a Northbound pickup truck struck the rear of a car stopped to turn into Safe Harbor Church.  The road was open for one lane of traffic while firefighters removed debris, the struck vehicle from the roadway and Maryland State Police conducted their investigation. 

Chief Thomas had the Command.  Units responding were E-14, Rescue 1, Chief 1, Paramedic 10 and QAC Paramedic 100, EMS 3, and Maryland State Police Responded with 11 volunteers. 



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