Crash with entrapment
By 2nd. Assistant Chief Paul Schlotterbeck
September 29, 2020

Just after 22:30 PM units from Kent Island VFD, Grasonville VFD and Queen Anne's County DES were alerted for a motor vehicle collision with reported entrapment. Rescue -1 responded on its first working extrication since being placed in service in August of this year. Chief-10 (A/C T. Schulz) was first to arrive ont he scene and found a single vehicle had struck a parked vehicle and a tree. The passenger of the vehicle was severly pinned in the vehicle. Crews from Kent ISland VFD and Grasonville VFD worked quickly to extricate the passenger. Queen Anne's County DES EMS personnel provided care for the passenger who was transported to the Shock Trauma Center in Baltimore with severe injuries.

Rescue -1 returned to the scene to provide lighting for law enfrocment to conduct a reconstruction of the crash.