Safe fuel storage
By 2nd. Assistant Chief Paul Schlotterbeck
May 12, 2021

In response to rising gasoline prices, some people have taken to purchasing large quantities of fuel and are hoarding gasoline and diesel fuel. This is a very unsafe practice that can endanger you, your family, neighbors, firefighters and the environment. Gasoline and diesel fuel should only be stored in containers that are approved by a testing lab like Underwriters Laboratory (UL) and specifically designed for the fuel that is going to be stored inside of it. Red containers are for gasoline, blue for kerosene and yellow for diesel fuel. Five gallon buckets and milk jugs are not approved and should never be used. Unapproved containers can break down and cause spills or result in fires. Fuel should never be stored in the normally occupied spaces of a residence. Fuel should be stored outside when ever possible. A shed, garage or other outbuilding is preferred. Gasoline and diesel fuel should never be stored in the path of egress or at or near exit doors.

Storing large quantities of fuel could cause a catastrophic incident that could prevent escape from the resulting fire. The increased fuel load and possible failure of other containers poses a severe threat to responding firefighters.

A link to the American Petroleum Institute website is provided below.

In the event of a fuel spill call 911!

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