Chesapeake Mom's visit the fire station
By 2nd. Assistant Chief Paul Schlotterbeck
June 14, 2021

On Monday June 14th the Chesapeake Mom's Club visited our fire station. The group of 50 children and 20 parents came to tour the firehouse and learn about fire prevention. The children got to meet the friendly fireman. This is a firefighter dressed in all of his fire firefighting equipment that crawls around at the children's level. This is to show children that although we may seem scary in our fire fighting gear we are there to help them in a fire. We do not want children to be afraid of how we look and hide during a fire. The group got to see the numerous types of fire trucks we have to help during an emergency. They even got to use a real fire hose. The children ended their tour by getting a fire helmet of their own and some educational materials to encourage them to practice fire safety at home.

If you see us at the fire station you can always stop in and say hello and see the fire trucks. If you would like to schedule a group tour or have us provide you with life safety education you may click on the link and submit your request.

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