2019 Queen Anne’s County Fair Firefighter Games Champions
By Active Member Jennifer Walters
August 20, 2019

This past Saturday afternoon our members participated in the QAC Fair Firefighter Games. The timed competition consisted of a 4 person team (Mills Yslas, Jimmy Carter, Alex Bacchus, and Ross Schriefer) to complete a Forcible Entry exercise, Hose Hoist, Keiser Sled, Dummy drag, and advancing a charged hose line 50 feet to spray a target. Our team completed the course in 1:35 which scored them in 1st place. The top two fastest teams were challenged in a bucket brigade after the competition, our team was the first to fill their 55 gallon drum therefore winning the top spot in the firefighter games. Congratulations to all who competed and we look forward to seeing everyone there next year!